Hubungan Antara Karakteristik Teknologi Dengan Kemungkinan Usaha Kecil Untuk Mengadopsi TI (Dipublikasikan di Jurnal Ekoregional FE UNSOED

The decision making process of information technology adoption is affected by information technology (IT) characteristics. The purpose of this research is examine effect IT characteristics (relative advantage, relevance, complexity and perceived cost)
A survey was conducted in Yogyakarta city by purposive sampling technique. The samples that are used to data analysing are 102 small business. Partial Least Squares method was used to examine five research hypotheses. Research instrumens validity was measured by convergent validity and discriminant validity. Instrument reliability was measured by cronbach’s alpha and composite reliability.
This research shows that relative advantage, complexity and perceived cost have significantly effect to small businesses decision to adopt IT. On the other, relevance not effect to small businesses decision to adopt IT. This study contributes to insight that IT adoption is affected by relative advantage of IT, level of IT complexity and perceived cost of IT investment.